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Scripture & 

Encouragement Cards

Cell Phone

Lock Screen




  • Click Download Now.

  • A new tab or screen will open showing the cards.

  • Go to your browser menu (e.g. Safari or Chrome), click File, then Select Print.

  • Insert perforated business card paper or cardstock into your printer.

  • Hit print.

  • Once printed, rip cards along perforations or cut them out to business card size.


  • Click Download Now.

  • If you're on a computer, right click and select Save As. If you're on your phone, screenshot the image that opens.

  • If you saved the image on your computer, email the image as an attachment to yourself to get it on your phone. Open that email on your phone and save the attachment to your phone gallery.

  • Follow your phone's instructions for setting the image as a lock screen wallpaper. (Every phone is different, but you can usually find this under "settings" and then look for something like "wallpapers and themes."


  • Click Download Now.

  • Start reading!

  • If you'd like to save the excerpt for later, right click and select Save As. 

  • You can also print the except by going to your browser menu (e.g. Safari or Chrome), click File, then Select Print. is © by Author Kim Henry. All rights reserved. Contact Us. 
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